Forever fascinated by the world of colour, art and fashion as a child, Vithya’s passion lead her into the vibrant world of makeup where she learnt to master the art of creating the picture perfect blushing bride.

Vithya first qualified at the University of Arts, London College of Fashion with a Diploma in Hair and Makeup for Fashion, and then later attended several courses and Masterclasses to further her knowledge in Asian Bridal.

Her first brush with professional makeup was at MAC Cosmetics, Harvey Nichols, where she trained for 3 years before carving her niche in the Asian Bridal hair and makeup industry.

Over the course of 10 years her work has caught the attention of many, opening up avenues to showcase her talent on numerous fronts, including work for Vijay TV Awards, c0-hosting the show Nadana Rajas on IBC Tamil TV, attending as guest judge for Deepam TV, and also giving career talks at schools and events. Her work has been published in UK’s top Asian Bridal Magazine KHUSH, Daily Mail Sri Lanka, Manamagal, Verve Magazine, and Chennai Chronicle.

She has worked with many South Indian movie stars including Nayanthara, Udhayanidhi, Simbu, Vidyu Raman, star couple Sneha and Prasana, Amy Jackson, Director Bharathyraja, TV host DD, Big Boss star Raiza Wilson, and the music sensation Anirudh, among others.

Vithya is a spokesperson who openly discusses issues around mental health and other matters faced within the South Asian community. She initially shared these on her blog page, which were then published by Huffington Post Canada, and made the front page on South Asian Generation Next.

She has recently embarked on conducting Masterclasses, where she demonstrates Bridal looks and teaches the techniques and skills involved to create these looks. She is the first Tamil makeup artist to teach these classes internationally. Vithya hosted successful classes in London, Chennai, Zürich, Kuala Lumpur, Toronto, Melbourne, Bangalore, and will be conducting classes in Montreal, and Coimbatore this year. She also had the honour of doing an Asian Bridal Masterclass for Bobbi Brown at their flagship store in Covent Garden, London, and taught an Evening Look for Nars Cosmetics at their Boutique store on Kings Road, London. Vithya has completed 12 Masterclasses over the past three years. And is looking forward to teaching more.

Another venture for her is YouTube, being a vlogger with over 200K subscribers, where she teaches makeup, hair styles, saree draping, and shares other random lifestyle vlogs. Her most popular video, a Saree draping tutorial, has over 5 million views.

Vithya is currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and caters to clients all over the world.